Split Personalities // Jason Souza

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Split Personalities


She can be kind

She can be cruel

She’s got me guessing like a game show fool

“All Four Seasons”, Sting


In the last decade and a half, the TWEEN has exploded on the scene, driven, primarily, by marketing trends aimed at attracting this lucrative demographic. Tweens (older children and younger teens) spend approximately one and a half to two billion dollars per year. This market gained a great deal of prominence in the establishment, and growth, of the Olson Twins entertainment empire. Movies, games, magazines, and fashion trends helped this group distinguish itself from the younger and older groups on either side. Much like a typical middle child, this group was seeking the attention is desperately needed.

But why? Why couldn’t this group, typically 10-15 year olds, continue to be categorized as children and teens?

Because it was neither, while, paradoxically, being both. Trust me, it’s not quite as confusing as it sounds.

canstock12977656During this time, there’s no particular reason you should know exactly who your child is. After all, they don’t. This is a time┬áto lean in to the chaos. When he or she wants to be a child, let them. When they want to be an adult, show them how – with grace.


Think about it.

Pastor Jason

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